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2013-05: Three Types of People

File this on comedic observations….

I noticed that there are three kinds of people on this earth.

  • Doorway People:  These are people that like to stand in doorways.  Standing in a doorway means that you are controlling the space that you’re in.  It means that you are blocking access to other rooms, govern the room, and people have to go through you to get to those other spaces. If these were managers, they would be road blocks, micro-managing managers.  If they were parents, they would be dotting parents.
  • Couch People:  Then we have couch people (or chair people).  These are people that like to sit somewhere, and let people come to them.  They use their voice to get attention, and are comfortable being served.  Without making too many generalizations, patriarchs fall in this category, and bosses who like to be
  • Moving People: Moving people are those that always moving around, from room to room, from activity to activity.  They can’t stand still and need to move around.  These are your classic worker bees, your classic active project managers.
Now we all exhibits some traits of each kind, but notice around your house what traits you and your family demonstrate.  Also, notice what it means for your interactions.  For example, I noticed that my wife is generally between a door person and a moving person, I am between a couch and moving person.  What is particularly interesting is that I tend to be a moving person when my wife is a door person.  A classic example is when I am trying to get ready for work.  I’ll move from room to room, assembling what I need to assemble, doing the things that I need to do.  My wife will do the same, but often she will while sitting in the doorway.  As a result we run into each other quite a bit.  I end up feeling all the same feeling that one feels when they are micro-managed or hampered by a boss.  On Sunday afternoons, I tend to be a couch person and tend to use my voice to call out, at the same time, my wife tends to be a moving person then as she runs around getting projects done before the week starts.  The difference in energy between the two of us leads to some interest conflicting situations where, I think, my wife ends up feeling that I may not be contributing sufficiently (she may be right).
I was amazed to see that this carries through with friends and family.  We’ve had friends at our house and the same thing developed.  We’ve gone out with friends, and we see the same thing.  See for yourself, and let me know if you see the same.

Please no more Vodka

Please please please stop it with the Vodka…

  • Vodka has no taste.  Some say it’s why it’s the better alcohol…  Rubbing alcohol also has no flavor…  Good luck!
  • Vodka is clean.  Some say that’s why it’s the better alcohol… Ok… then why are so many marketers not mostly (if not only) promoting and creating fruit flavor enhanced vodkas…
  • Vodka is usurping Gin’s role (gimlet, gin & tonic).  Vodka has slowly been finding it’s way into the Gin market.  Martinis, Gin & Tonic, Gimlet… you name it, most of these drink were originally gin drink (or mostly gin drinks).
  • Vodka is better for hangovers…  Ok, I have no fact base here.  I simply don’t drink Vodka, but also am not a professional drinker that has to plan the drinking and the recovery from my drinks.
 So I say to you… To hell with Vodka, pour me some Gin!

University Donations

Hello again my friends… I guess this should get filled on miscellaneous and maybe “times they are a changin'”


I recently made very meager donations to my high-school, undergraduate university, and graduate university. The response that I got from each of the universities was quite disproportionate with the what I would expect which made me think

Really meager…:

I cannot over emphasis the meagerness of those donations. These are all institutions with endowments that start in the millions of dollars, and all receive many gifts, grants, and donations in the millions of dollars. My gifts, at best, represent less than 1/1000 of a percent (yeah, that’s like 0.001% or 0.00001 of what they received). They are the types of gifts that normally either don’t even make it to the annual report or get lumped into the “Other donors”.

Over the top University reactions:

A few days after sending my gifts, I began receiving acknowledgement emails. These automated or semi automated messages were quickly replaced by very personalized messages, almost as though it came from a long lost friend or relative. “How is it going in Boston?”, “Are you working on interesting projects?”. Amusing enough, I chalked it up to a low cost / low effort attempt to gain more of a contact with donors (even cheapskates like me). A few weeks later, the emails were replaced with notes and cards thanking me for the donation. Not only were they cards, they were cards with personal notes handwritten on them. I was floored.

What does it all mean:

In my true nature, I began wondering about what it all meant. Were these schools so desperate for funds that they needed to thank everyone and anyone? Even someone like me who has never donated and isn’t sure about doing it again? Or were my gifts so low that they became a laughable matter. I can see them thinking “Yeah, obviously you’re not working on any interesting projects because you can’t even afford to send us something that won’t cost us more to process than it’s worth.” I do not know what it all means, just that the intensity of response was way over the top of the gift, and it made me a bit uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer that every little step counts, and that a lot of these small gifts will become something. It’s just that it feels funny when the level of gratitude you get for a gesture is out of whack with gesture itself.

Parting Thought:

Here’s an idea… if you ever feel down on yourself and want to have a nearly unsolicited letter of gratitude and adoration that is sure to boost your ego, make a little donation to your alma mater… you’ll get that boost within 3-5 days.

Update… 6 months on… The attention continues