2014-06B: From Around The Web: 5 Next Steps For Data Visualization | Blog

Not sure this is new news (see article at bottom of this post), but good to see it being articulated.

I would say the trends outlined below are already happening.  There is, however still a gap between the three dimensions of data visualization production:

  • The tools with many templates (Excel/Tableau) are not very creative,
  • The creative tools (Photoshop, Illustrator) are not able to change and adjust with new data / updated dated, and
  • Programming tools still have a bit of a learning curve for artists and others to get on board.

The one hope is with parameter based tools, such as NodeBox or this proof of concept from Brett Victor (and from which I borrowed the above articulation of the 3 dimensions).

Article Link: 5 Next Steps For Data Visualization | Blog.

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