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Please no more Vodka

Please please please stop it with the Vodka…

  • Vodka has no taste.  Some say it’s why it’s the better alcohol…  Rubbing alcohol also has no flavor…  Good luck!
  • Vodka is clean.  Some say that’s why it’s the better alcohol… Ok… then why are so many marketers not mostly (if not only) promoting and creating fruit flavor enhanced vodkas…
  • Vodka is usurping Gin’s role (gimlet, gin & tonic).  Vodka has slowly been finding it’s way into the Gin market.  Martinis, Gin & Tonic, Gimlet… you name it, most of these drink were originally gin drink (or mostly gin drinks).
  • Vodka is better for hangovers…  Ok, I have no fact base here.  I simply don’t drink Vodka, but also am not a professional drinker that has to plan the drinking and the recovery from my drinks.
 So I say to you… To hell with Vodka, pour me some Gin!