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It seems to me that the best way to start this journey is by telling you:

  • a bit more about me,
  • the focus of the content of this site, and
  • some general guidelines that I hope to follow.
    I hope that you find the reading here insightful, interesting, pertaining to what you do and if anything not boring.

    About me:
    I have a mixed cultural, academic, and professional background. I currently work for a global consulting firm in a research and knowledge development capability. I have about 10 years of professional experience dealing in a range of topics including business development, market research, marketing, technology, and design. I hope to leverage on this extensive background to develop insights and share those with you.

    Focus of this site:
    My efforts to share insights with you are two fold: one the one hand I hope to vet my thinking with others; on the other hand I hope to elevate the discourse in the topics that I will be pursuing. Speaking of topics, I plan on keeping them broad, and generally dealing with the role that geography and space (whether overt or subvert) plays in every day life and business life. I also plan on sharing results and information on specific research that I am pursuing on my own. There are a few blogs/sites that cover geography and geographic topics, but I find that almost all of them tend to get caught up on technology discussions rather than adequately focus on the geographic and socio-demographic impacts of and on business decision making process.

    General Guidelines:
    I have grouped my guidelines into three categories (just to keep it simple).
    Frequency: I will try to add an entry about once a month to start. Underpromise… Overdeliver…Length: In my experience, I have found that many blogs end up being unread either because the content is not interesting, the grammar or writing style make them innacessible, or are simply just too long. I can’t guarantee anything about the first two, as this can be subjective, but I do think that I can get most entries under 500 words (1 page), making it a quick 2 minute read for you, the reader (this being a notable exception).
    Format: I also plan on keeping the format informal so as to help promote content deliver.

    In my first series of entries, I hope to cover topics on why geography matters.

    PS: Not bad… first entry is 402 words.