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2013, the Year in review

Following on what I posted for 2012… below is my year in review for 2013…  I’ll use the same format, the good, the bad, and the verdict (no ugly here).
The Good
  • I love Boston!  We had a massive set back in 2013 with the Marathon bombings, but it has given me greater resolve that this city is fantastic!
  • I’ve had many conversations with companies across the globe, and startups in Boston.  It’s given me a great sense of the value/role that I could play with them, and the great news is that I accepted an offer to join a new company.
  • The cambridge startup community seems as strong as ever.
  • There’s a continued hope for progressivism in this country (marriage equality to name one) which is giving more hope that the sun will continue to rise.
  • My brother got married!
  • Despite my injuries, I was able to add biking in.  These will add new goals for 2014.
The Bad
  • I have not had as much opportunity to work on big projects this year.  Most of my projects have been about biz dev, without really an opportunity to get into the details.
  • My work needed to change, and at the end of the year it did.  However, the year was quite challenging.
  • I am still struggling to get my running going. My achilles heel is still hurting.
The Verdict

On the whole, I would give 2013 a B.  It was a mostly uneventful year, but with some good highlights.  Even the Boston Bombings in April, but hit has furthered my resolve that this is a great city! 2014… HERE WE COME!


2012, the Year in review

What better time than the year end break to take stock on the year, and comment on the good, the bad and the verdict that was 2012…

The Good

  • Boston remains a great town to live in.  Somerville (where I live), is as vibrant and dynamic as ever.
  • There’s been quite a bite of travel in my life, which is phenomenal (and how I want to spend my life).
  • I took on a couple go big projects that allowed me to play with open source software, and big-data.
  • I’ve started to form a view point on what I want to do next.
  • Our house is getting to be in good shape (massive purging of stuff in April).
  • There’s a hope for progressivism in this country which is giving more hope that the sun will continue to rise.

The Bad

  • Our political system is a complete mess, if often feels that we’ve lost values common decency and respect towards one another (even if of different political view) for the promotion of unhealthy and destructive ideologies.
  • My work needs to change.  I’m finding that increasingly I am in an administrative role… not what I love or am interested in.  My manager keeps on telling me I’m good at it.  If I’m not passionate about it, I don’t really care for it.
  • I still take too many vacations for the sake of family.
  • I was pretty badly injured at the end of 2011 (Achilles heel), and it’s taken most of the year to get back to a good running level (frequency and pace).
  • I’ve completed about 50% of my project list for the year.

The Verdict

On the whole, I would give 2012 a B-.  Not a bad year, but definitely can be better.  Looking forward to 2013.