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Foot Traffic Ahead | Smart Growth America

Great piece of research out of GWU on walkability of cities.  I particularly find interesting the correlation between higher walkability and higher GDP.  In many ways it makes sense, but also wonder if it’s not just a product of overall density first (i.e. density is caused by lots of people/businesses being close together – thus higher GDP), and as a result these are more walkable cities.  I recognize the fallacy in my point, in such that two dense areas are not the same from the stand point of walkability.

Foot Traffic Ahead | Smart Growth America.

The 2014 GOOD City Index

Very interesting perspective from the good folks at GOOD.  I very much appreciate the perspective of cities from the stand point of potential.  It does focus on the momentum of the cities towards improvement, not resting on laurels of past achievements.  It also addresses a (for me) nagging issue with city benchmarking with respect to scoring based on environmental and historical context.

The 2014 GOOD City Index.